What is in Local Studies Collection?

The last two decades have seen increasing community interest in Australian history and concern for the preservation of both the natural and built environments. This has been reflected both in the growing number and influence of local historical, genealogical and environmental groups and in the increasing academic interest in local and regional studies. At the same time the 'local' component in a variety of tertiary, secondary and primary courses has increased substantially.

These factors have all impacted upon public libraries, creating an increasing demand for a whole range of 'local' information. Public libraries have responded by establishing local studies collections and appointing specialist librarians to manage them.

The objectives of a local studies collection can be stated simply as the collection and preservation of material relevant to the local area, in a variety of forms both historical and current, and the organisation of this material to facilitate public access.

The public libraries of Western Sydney that have contributed to this web site all have thriving local studies collections accessible to the general public. The local studies librarians who work at these libraries can be approached for more detailed information about their particular part of the greater Western Sydney region.